October 28th 2020 prices
Ragu traditional sauce (66 oz.) $2.75 two for$5.00
Cheerios Family size (18 oz.) $3.00
Malt O Meal snickerdoodle cookie bits cereal (34 oz.)$3.50
Jay's original potato chips (10 oz.)$1.50
Chunky Chips Ahoy cookies (11.75 oz.)$1.85
Jamestown bacon (lb.)$1.65
8 piece cut up chicken (lb.)99¢
Clover Dale butter solids (lb.) $2.25
Large brown eggs dozen65¢
Farmland sausage roll (16 oz.)$1.25
Chicken leg Quarters 33 lbs. $20.00
Half cut chicken (lb.)99¢
Jimmy Dean orginal sausage 6 to 1 (6 lbs.) $6.00
Hillshire cheddar wurst (6 lbs.) $10.00
Rudy's whole hog uncooked sausage patties (12 lbs.)$15.00
Nueske's applewood smoked pepper coated bacon (5 lbs.)$13.25
Chicken drum sticks (lb.) 89¢
Chicken boneless skinless breasts (lb.) $1.79
Pork Shoulder bone in or out (lb.)$1.99
Vac-Pack pork chops (16 ozs.)$2.50
Tray packed pork chops (lb.) $1.50
Sliced BBQ pork (lb.)$2.50
Choice Chuck beef tips (3 lbs.)$9.99
Battered or Breaded Cod (10 lbs.) $22.50
Polish sausage (6 lbs.) $6.00
Sliced Canadian Bacon (3 lbs.) $4.50
Boneless pit ham (lb.)$1.25
Bryan big bologna (beef and pork) (lb.)75¢
Jimmy Dean orginal sausage links retail (48 count 2.4lb.)$3.50
Select flavors Kemps ice cream (1.75 qt.) $2.50
Sliced pepperoni (lb.) $2.50
Eggo Star Wars pancakes in box50¢
Chicken nuggets (lb.) $1.65
All purpose flour (5 lbs.)$1.25 to $1.75
Mini meatballs (lb.) $2.00
Athens extra virgin olive oil (16.9 oz.)(Sale) $4.00
Yubon coffee traditional roast (31 oz.) $4.85
BBQ wright bacon (1.5 lbs.)$3.00
Nathans beef cocktail franks (28 oz.)$2.75
Jimmy Dean sage sausage roll $1.75
12 oz. bags of peaches or pineapple (frozen) $1.50
Hormel Cervelat (salami) (lb.) (Sale)$1.00
Harvest Valley canned cut green beans (50 oz.)$2.00
Fully cooked seasoned chicken breast 10 lbs.$12.50
Spiral sliced 1/4 hams starting @ (lb.) 80¢
Sweet potato pie 46 oz. $2.00
Oscar Mayer beef Cotto salami (8 oz.)75¢
Heritage value ham (lb.) @ 85¢
Uncooked boneless chicken breast for chicken parmesan (lb.) $1.75
Cod loins (lb.) $4.99
Commerical double oven with proofer$3000.00
All prices and availability subject to change without notice